The questions and answers presented below include some common topics that have been addresses by the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO) as well as some that are specific to Essential Organized.

What is a professional organizer? (NAPO)

The National Association of Professional Organizers® (NAPO®) describes a professional organizer as a person who “enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills. A professional organizer also educates the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefits.”

How long will it take to get organized? (NAPO)

The duration of a professional organizing project depends on how involved, committed and motivated you are in the process. It also depends on how quickly you can make decisions. Professional organizers will help you make these necessary decisions by asking questions and offering advice. Additionally, getting organized is a process…a dynamic one. None of us becomes organized once and considers the job finished. It is an ongoing process that changes as your needs change.

How do you determine the level of effort/size of a project?

Each family and situation is unique. Effectively Organized has developed a unique assessment protocol that we use to gather data for an initial assessment. We then discuss the results of that assessment with you to develop the project plan for your specific goals and desired outcomes.

What makes Effectively Organized different from other professional organizers?

The core competencies that underlie being an effective organizer have their roots in both psychology and time management. The founder of Effectively Organized has over two decades of experience applying these bodies of knowledge in a variety of contexts and settings. Our approach to working with families reflects a deep understanding of the root causes of disorganization and we apply a strengths-model to help clients build on their assets and develop new skills.